Hotel Hyatt Regency   Hotel Hyatt Regency

Introducing the timeless quality of Nepal's rich and fascinating culture represented in the arts and architecture, Hyatt Regency Kathmandu with 290 rooms is set on 37 acres of artistically landscaped grounds.  

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Hotel De L' Annapurna   Hotel De L' Annapurna 

Named after Annapurna, the Goddess of Plenty, the elegant Hotel de l' Annapurna is located 6 kms from the airport in the heart of Kathmandu, and just a curtsey away from the Royal Palace. 

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Hotel Radisson   Hotel Radisson 

An international standard hotel in a modern design, with eight floors providing dramatic views of the surrounding mountains. 

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Hotel Yak and Yeti   Hotel Yak and Yeti
Hotel Yak and Yeti is a premier five-star deluxe oasis in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal. Modern day sophistication greets cultural heritage in the ample grounds of the 100-year-old palace and newly designed structure of the hotel. 
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Grand Hotel   Grand Hotel 

The Grand Hotel is 12 storied modern building with a touch of traditional interior. The unique feature of Grand Hotel is- it is the tallest building in Kathmandu. Grand Hotel has well - equipped and well-furnished deluxe rooms and Executive suite rooms.

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Hotel Vaishali   Hotel Vaishali 

Nestled in the Himalaya, sandwiched between the two giants India and china, is Nepal - home to two of the world's great religions, Hinduism and Buddhism.

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Hotel Shangri-La   Hotel Shangri-La

The cultural richness of this society creates an intricate fabric that can be overwhelming. The perfect retreat is the charming Shangri-La Hotel. This intimate 97 room property has the warmth of welcome for which the Nepalese are renowned, plus a high degree of comfort.

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Hotel Sherpa   Hotel Sherpa
The Sherpa became known in early times as simply 'People from the East' 'Shar' meaning East and 'Pa' meaning people. For centuries their monasteries have been centers of Buddhist ritual and learning.
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Hotel Marshyangdi    Hotel Marshyangdi 

Hotel Marshyangdi, located in the heart of city " THAMEL " (main down town area of travelers ) has been providing world class living quarters to visitors since 1990 A.D. Thamel, the mecca of all tourists and a shoppers paradise is 15 minutes drive from Tribhuvan International Airport.

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Hotel Manang    Hotel Manang 

Hotel Manang takes its name from the legendary lost kingdom of Manang. It lies on the famous trekking route north of Pokhara known as Annapurna circuit.

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Hotel Center Point   Hotel Center Point

Welcome to Hotel Centre Point a high-rise building situated in Thamel, ideally located in the capitals business and entertainment area where comfort and hospitality greets you right from the minute you step into its spacious comfort. 

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Hotel Harati   Hotel Harati

Harati is a 'Yaksheni', one of those benevolent spirits connected with the fecundity of the Earth. 

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Hotel Ambassador   Hotel Ambassador 

Conveniently close to the Royal palace and several of the major embassies (French, Indian, British, Japanese & American), The Hotel Ambassador is ideally situated both for business and exploring the sights of Kathmandu Valley.

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Hotel Nepa International   Hotel Nepa International 

Hotel Nepa International offers you a convenient base from where to explore this cultural splendor. We bring you within walking distance of all the major sights.

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Hotel Mustang Holiday Inn   Hotel Mustang Holiday Inn

Mustang Holiday Inn is Located in the heart of Thamel, the most bustling and exciting area of Kathmandu City.  

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Hotel Mandap   Hotel Mandap
Welcome to Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal with our big smile. You might like to stay at the home away from the home in Thamel Kathmandu at Hotel Mandap.
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Hotel Melungtse   Hotel Melungtse 

Namaste! "Melungtse Hotel" is situated in the city of Kathmandu in calm quiet and cool atmosphere of the Melungtse region, with a lovely serene garden.

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Hotel Ganesh Himal    Hotel Ganesh Himal 

The Hotel Ganesh Himal is named after one of Nepal's mountains, Ganesh Himal (7130m). It offers thirty clean, comfortable rooms and a very friendly atmosphere. Each floor has a balcony and there is also a lovely garden for relaxing.

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Hotel Impala   Hotel Impala

We are a family run hotel in Thamel, a suburb of cheap hotel and economic hotel for Tourist accommodation in Kathmandu Nepal. We are in the quieter neighborhood of Thamel.

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Hotel Shree Tibet   Hotel Shree Tibet
Located at a quite nook in the heart of Thamel, Kathmandu. A spot where you find every-thing in place just a few steps away. 
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