Nepalganj, is a town in Nepal, located in the Banke district of the Bheri zone (Terai), near Nepal's southern border with India. Nepalgunj is famous for the exciting treks to the Dopolo plateau and Jumla region. Bageshowri temple in Nepalgunj is one of the most important temples for Hindus. At the temple can be found a statue of Shiva, which ossesses a moustache. Known as the industrial and transport hub of the country, Nepalgunj has various attractions: Gharbaritole, Ganeshpur and Sadar Line to name a few. The border crossing, 6 km south of Nepalganj, is one of a limited number of places where non-Indian foreigners are allowed to cross the border with India.

Major Tourist Attractions

The multi lingual and multi ethnic city of Nepalgunj welcomes visitors to explore the other side of this industrial city. Nepalgunj offers a relaxing atmosphere to the tourists heading toward other destinations in Nepal.

Trekking Expeditions From Nepalgunj

One the most famous trekking expedition of Nepal starts from Nepalgunj. You can head towards trekking in Dolpo and Jumla region from Nepalgunj.The open wild landscape, and Shey Phoksumdo lake that changes its color with the change of weather are the main attractions of this trek.

Art & Culture

Nepalgunj is a multi-ethnic city with people of various communities living together happily. Nepalgunj has a very diverse culture. Hill-nepalis, Indians, Muslims, Hhindus and Buddhists cultural groups can be found here.

Location : Far West Nepal, Banke region of Terai

Significance : Important business centre of Nepal

Places to Visit : Gharbaritole, Ganeshpur, Bageshowri temple, Sadar Line, Koreanpur, Belaspur, B.P. Chowk, Mini Zoo, Rapti River