City of Patan's ancient name is Lalitpur means city of beauty, which is known as the city of fine arts too. The city is full of Hindu temples and Buddhist monuments.The diversity of the medieval culture that allowed both Hinduism and Buddhism to flourish has left a rich legacy of impressive sightseeing in this city for today's visitors, Patan's must-see attraction is Patan Museum.

As a traditional center of handicrafts, Patan is a great place to purchase jewelry, Buddha statues and masks. Patan City was planned in Vihars and Bahils. The in built cultural heritage like the royal palace, with intricately carved doors and windows and beautiful courtyards adorned with exquisite icons enhance the beauty of the city.

Such art pieces are found in stone, metal, terracotta ivory and other objects. All these artefacts exhibit artistic excellence of the craftsmen and the whole city looks like an open museum.

Patan, unlike Kathmandu, shuts down just after dark, and so nightlife is restricted to hotel bars and restaurants. The water conduits, stone spouts, Jaladroni (water tanks), artistic gateways, Hindu temples and Buddhist Vihars adorn the city. The city was initially designed in the shape of the Buddhist Dharma-Chakra (Wheel of Righteousness). There are a lot of temples and vihars in the city.

Location : South to the Bagmati River in Kathmandu Valley

Official Name : Lalitpur

Significance : Rich Cultural Heritage

Places to Visit : Patan Durbar Square, Iba Bahi, Golden Temple, Mahabouddha, Oku Bahal, The Central Zoo, Patan Museum